Arlene Kay
Mainly Murder Press


A Cape Cod mystery

Mainly Murder Press, LLC

Publication Date:12-01-2012


Shelby Whitcomb stood out, even in a Cape Cod town filled with eccentrics. She was outspoken, politically volatile and incurably nosey. Most people considered her a harmless scold — until she was viciously murdered. 

Nicole Nelson knew another side of Shelby. She’d befriended the young grad student, offering her friendship, a place to roost and plenty of good advice. Now Nik learns something astounding: she’s also an heir to Shelby’s estate. That pits her squarely against two determined men—Jarrod Whitcomb, a Yaley with a bad attitude, and Alejandro Lee, a gorgeous stranger who’s not what he professes to be.

DIE LAUGHING traces a young woman’s quest to avenge her friend’s murder and reassess her own life. It examines the surprisingly shady world of high-end comic book collectors where exceptional items that fetch millions are no laughing matter.