Susan Fleet
Second Edition by Music and Mayhem Press
ISBN: #978-0-9847235-2-2

Music, murder and sexual obsession in New Orleans. Book 2 in the Frank Renzi series.

Beautiful and talented, Belinda wants to be a star. But fame can be dangerous. Fourteen months post-Katrina, an armed ex-military man is after her. This ruthless stalker will do anything to have her: blackmail, kidnapping, even murder.

When Belinda rejects him, he vows revenge. He kidnaps her and terrorizes her in a vacant Katrina-ravaged house. Will NOPD Detective Frank Renzi find the feisty flutist in time?

A stalker, a kidnapping, revenge and murder. DIVA has it all. See the devastation Hurricane Katrina brought to New Orleans. Experience the fear of a talented young black jazz saxophone player threatened by drug dealers. Travel to London with Belinda where she plays a solo concert.

"Great character development, an absolutely fascinating ending ... a very suspenseful book!" -- Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"Fleet subtitles her new killer thriller a novel of psychological suspense. That's an understatement." -- Jan Herman, ARTS JOURNAL

"Belinda Scully is at the top of her elegant world of classical music. Chantelle is a homeless teenager menaced by a dope-dealing drug lord. The irresistible NOPD Detective Frank Renzi must solve the mounting murders ... an absolutely riveting ending.  -- Stanley D. Crow 

"Frank Renzi returns in a relentless hunt through ravaged, drug infested neighborhoods in search of murderous thugs and a psychotic stalker. Fleet weaves another nail-biting page-turner!" -- K. G. Hunt