Man Trap: A Boston unCommons Mystery

Arlene Kay
ImaJinn Books
ISBN: #978-1611944631

Does a victim’s character predict his murder? MANTRAP, the second in the Deming and Eja mystery series explores the nature vs. nurture debate and the enduring power of love amidst violence.

Dario Peters, avid cyclist, ardent environmentalist, and heir to a munitions fortune lives the dream, until a nasty spill on a Cape Cod bike trail ends his life. Everyone calls it a tragic accident—except Persus Cantor, Dario’s doting grandma. When psychic Merlot Browne brands it foul play, Aunt Pert begs amateur sleuths Deming Swann and Eja Kane to find Dario’s murderer. Despite misgivings, grumbling and elaborate excuses, Deming is pressed into service. After all, Pert is his mother’s favorite aunt, and family comes first. Eja embraces the challenge. As a mystery writer all deaths seem suspicious to her and she leaps at the opportunity to spend time on a majestic Cape Cod estate with her sizzling fiancĂ©.

Bayview, a tranquil seaside village, is seventy miles and several decades removed from bustling Boston. Residents treasure tradition and family values, two things that Dario Peters openly renounced. Case in point was his marriage to Paloma, a study in excess with body parts as suspect as her lineage. Dario’s scheme to rezone staid Bayview into a cycling paradise was another venture that riled locals and investors alike. In old Cape Cod, low-end tourists are a burden to be endured not encouraged.