Leslie Wheeler
Larcom Press
ISBN: #0-9678199-7-0

When a living history museum turns deadly, armchair historian Miranda Lewis must transform herself into a woman of action.

It's the week before Thanksgiving, and Miranda has deadlines to meet. But when a routine check-in call to her young niece ends in tears and a hang-up, Miranda hurries to Plimoth Plantation, where her niece works as an interpreter.  At the recreated seventeenth-century village in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Miranda encounters protesting Indians, quarreling Pilgrims, and tension aplenty. The explosive atmosphere turns deadly when someone beheads one of the interpreters.  With suspicion falling on her niece, Miranda sets out to uncover the truth.

As a historian, Miranda is uniquely qualified to crack a case where the clues point to the past.  But which past?  In a world where everyone has two personas, Pilgrim and contemporary, this is hard to figure. One set of clues suggests the murder was an act of revenge for the three-hundred-year-old decapitation of an Indian by the Pilgrims. Another leads her to the interpreters, who, she discovers, were being blackmailed by the victim. A third trail takes Miranda into the past of the victim, a former Boston policeman with a propensity toward violence.

Just as she's about to solve the crime, her niece vanishes.  A frantic Miranda must rescue the girl before the killer claims her as his next victim.