Natalie's Dilemma, a Frank Renzi crime thriller

Susan Fleet
Music and Mayhem Press
ISBN: #978-0984723591

A diamond heist, Mafia murders and a kidnapping. Fleeing her criminal past, Natalie believes she has found the perfect sanctuary in Venice. But two Mafia brothers pull off a daring diamond heist, kill the owner and his wife, and kidnap their 5-year-old daughter, Bianca. In the art museum across the street, Natalie hides when police chase the gunmen through the museum. Haunted by the fear in Bianca's eyes, she watches them escape via the Grand Canal. Aware of her previous crimes, a Europol agent forces her to spy on the Mafia gang by acting as Bianca's nanny. If she doesn't, NOPD Homicide Detective Frank Renzi will arrest her. Natalie is desperate to escape. The gang leader suspects her and Renzi is about to arrest her. But if she flees, what will happen to Bianca? Natalie's Dilemma: Save herself or save Bianca?