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Dieting Can Be Murder

Suspense Publishing
 There's a little too much to love about Carol Andrews these days, thanks to the extra calories she consumed during her second honeymoon in Florida with her husband, Jim. Determined to shed the exrtra pounds before the birth of her first grandchild, Carol joins Tummy Tr. . .
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Killing Time: An Eliza Gordon Mystery

Amy Beth Arkawy
Hen House Press
Welcome to Goodship, New York. The sleepy, suburban hamlet harbors a terrible secret. A secret that may be at the heart of two mysterious murders. Twenty-five years after the "big game" and the requisite homecoming party, Goodship's secret begins to haunt its oth. . .
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Dead Silent: An Eliza Gordon Mystery

Amy Beth Arkawy
Cozy Cat Press
It’s summertime, and in Goodship, New York, the living is anything but easy. Controversial radio shock jock Paul Hackett is found strangled to death with his headphone cord around his neck in the studio of local radio station WSHP. There’s little evidence beyond . . .
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Swann Dive: A Boston unCommon Mystery

Arlene Kay
   Cecilia Swann had everything--beauty, success and a whopping big trust fund. When she plunges from a Boston highrise, the police call it suicide but her best friend and CeCe's twin brother know the truth--CeCe was terrified of heights! Together mystery writer Ej. . .
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