Thin Ice: Crime Stories by New England Writers

Mark Ammons, Kat Fast, Barbara Ross and Leslie Wheeler, Editors
Level Best Books
ISBN: #0970098480

“…twenty-five of the most cleverly written and thought-provoking crime stories ever assembled in one collection,”

Brenda Scott, Manchester Examiner

“…the editors of this anthology have poured their energy into selecting the very best from the New England area, and they have succeeded, brilliantly.”

Christine Zibas, Reviewing the Evidence

Whether it’s hardboiled hilarity or gritty noir, suspense or sibling subterfuge, capers or cons, or even an especially abnormal pair of paranormal shoes, anything can happen when you venture onto Thin Ice.

New England’s most acclaimed award-winning crime and mystery writers, along with several exciting new voices, weave twenty-five original tales from the region’s dark side.

Contains the Edgar® nominated best short story, "A Good, Safe Place," the Agatha Award nominated best short story, "Size Matters," and the Al Blanchard Award winning story, "The Bank Job."

With stories from Mark Ammons, Kathy Chencharik, John R. Clark, Sheila Connolly, Ray Daniel, S. A. Daynard, Kat Fast, Kate Flora, Judith Green, Ben Hanstein, J. A. Hennrikus, Steve Liskow, Cheryl Marceau, Edith M. Maxwell, Ruth M. McCarty, Alan D. McWhirter, Michael Nethercott, Susan Oleksiw, Joe Ricker, Barbara Ross, Mary E. Stibal, Bev Vincent, Mo Walsh, Leslie Wheeler, Virginia Young.