Murder in a Cornish Alehouse

Kathy Lynn Emerson
Severn House
#3 in the Mistress Jaffrey Mysteries. In this one, Rosamond travels to Cornwall to discover the truth behind her stepfather's death and to attempt a reconciliation with her mother. It has pirates and smugglers as well as murder.
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When the Grits Hit the Fan

Maddie Day (aka Edith Maxwell)
Kensington Publishing
Despite the bitter winter in South Lick, Indiana, business is still hot at Robbie Jordan’s restaurant. But when another murder rattles the small town, can Robbie defrost the motives of a cold-blooded killer?
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Chest of Bone, book 1 in the Afterworld Chron. . .

Vicki Stiefel
Curiosity Quills Press
As magical and mundane worlds retwine, empath and unawakened Mage, Clea Reese, must team up with the secretive and powerful James Larrimer to hunt her mentor's killer and stop the forces of corruption from obtaining the elusive Chest of Bone. the ultimate source of otherworl. . .
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Natalie's Dilemma, a Frank Renzi crime thrill. . .

Susan Fleet
Music and Mayhem Press
A diamond heist, Mafia murders and a kidnapping. Fleeing her criminal past, Natalie believes she has found the perfect sanctuary in Venice. But two Mafia brothers pull off a daring diamond heist, kill the owner and his wife, and kidnap their 5-year-old daughter, Bianca. In t. . .
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The Big Squeeze: Hugs & Inspirations For Ever. . .

Susan Mangiero
Happy Day Press
Based on months of research about hugging and inspired by the enduring appeal of teddy bears for grown-ups of all ages, "The Big Squeeze: Hugs & Inspirations For Every Grown-Up Who Loves Teddy Bears" is a sweet and uplifting gift book focused on the undeniable truth that kin. . .
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Death Postponed

Touchpoint Press
Jordan was just 17 when her fireman father perished in the conflagration of 9/11. Fourteen years later, while interviewing a gangster in prison, she learns of two guys who scammed millions from the tragedy and sets out with singular passion to expose them. Her pursuit leads . . .
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