Elaine J. Anderson
After authorities discover the theft of $500,000 worth of diamonds, New York private investigator Rosa Arroya is summoned to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to assist in the capture of diamond thief extraordinaire Jack "Gutsy" Bucco. She is ordered to work with Juan Perez o. . .
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Face Down Upon an Herbal

Kathy Lynn Emerson
Delphi Books
Large Print. Susanna, Lady Appleton, author of "A Cautionary Herbal," is called upon to help write another herbal . . . just before the original compiler is murdered. Is this simple malice domestic, or is the killer part of an international scheme involving Scots l. . .
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If you could relive your childhood, would you? What if you had no choice?On the thirty-fifth anniversary of his parents' mysterious drowning, Jack Koryan returns to his family beach cottage. During a swim, Jack is attacked by a school of rare jellyfish whose toxic stings put. . .
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Gambling With the Enemy ~ an equestrian thril. . .

Toni Leland
Equine Graphics Publishing Group/Parallel Press
To life-long friends, Jessica Rayder and Faith Angelo, Easton Ridge Equestrian Center is more than a successful business-it's a dream-come-true.When a series of tough breaks threaten disaster, Faith's tragic past surfaces and the friendship falters as they struggle to keep t. . .
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Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel: How t. . .

Hallie Ephron
Writers Digest Books
 This step-by-step guide takes you from coming up with ideas, through planning, and on through writing, revising and selling your mystery novel. The book is designed to be interactive, and is loaded with examples to be read and analyzed and exercises to be completed.Thi. . .
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Shadows on the Coast of Maine: An Antique Pr. . .

Lea Wait
Pocket Books
   The second of the Shadows Antique Print Mysteries. Maggie Summer is thrilled when her former college roommate, Amy, invites her to come to Maine to see her new home and do some antiquing. She's even more delighted when she finds that her new beau, Will Brewer, w. . .
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