Leslie Wheeler
Five Star/Gale/Cengage Learning
ISBN: #978-1-59414-886-6

The grisly murder of a visiting yachtsman, allegedly by a local Indian, shakes a New England seacoast town and severely tests the loyalties of a white woman and her Native lover.

When Miranda Lewis, a workaholic writer of books about American history, and her boyfriend, Nate Barnes, a hot-tempered former American Indian movement activist, visit friends--hers at the Spouters Point Maritime Museum (a fictionalized Mystic Seaport), and his at a nearby Native-owned gambling casino (fictionalized Foxwoods)--they know it's not going to be smooth sailing.  But neither anticipates the storm that breaks when Miranda's friend's yachtsman fiance is brutally murdered, and Nate's casino friend is the leading suspect. Miranda's quest for the truth not only puts her at odds with Nate, but with her own friends.  It also leads her to a life-and-death struggle with a crazes killer that teaches her just how fine the line is between civilized behavior and savagery.