Connie Johnson Hambley

Connie Johnson Hambley grew up on a small dairy farm just north of New York City. When she was a young girl, an arsonist burned her family’s barn to the ground. From that experience grew the stories that have become "The Charity," "The Troubles," and "The Wake."

When writing her thrillers, every bit of personal experience is used by Hambley to create a story that is as believable as it is suspenseful. Using her law and investment background in ways unique, creative, but not altogether logical, she has enjoyed robust professional pursuits which include writing for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Massachusetts High Tech, and Nature Biotechnology. Proving that truth can be stranger than fiction, her experience at a major bank in Boston introduced her to the clever schemes people dream up to launder money. She is an experienced and dynamic public speaker and looks forward to entertaining her next audience and sneaking knowledge into them with humor.

Hambley writes page-turners and "The Charity" is the first in a series. "The Troubles," a story of terrorism and identity found, was published May 2015 and won Best Fiction at the EQUUS Film Festival in New York City. The third book in the trilogy, "The Wake," was released in September 2017.

Her short story, "Giving Voice," was published by Level Best Books in WINDWARD:Best New England Crime Stories in 2016, and "Black Ice" is included in SNOWBOUND, Level Best Book's 2017 anthology.


The Charity - Jessica Wyeth is falsely accused of a brutal murder of the one person who could protect her. Terrified, she runs, becoming a master of deception. The process of rebuilding her life is derailed when she is recognized by the organization that destroyed her family. Her search for the truth treatens to exposed the cold reality of a network of terrorist cells and Jessica learns she is not the only one . . .

Charylar Press - 2012-09-11

The Troubles - Jessica Wyeth lived with Bridget Heinchon for ten years and never knew two things: Bridget was a revolutionary and her mother. When Jessica rides a world-class steeplechase, she is an unwitting accomplice to a devastating bombing in an English shopping Mall. The group behind the bombing is the Charity, a generations old support network of the IRA. Michael Conant, reluctant heir to the Charity and . . .

Charylar Press - 2015-05-15

THE WAKE - World-class equestrian, Jessica Wyeth, is thrust into the middle of a game of geopolitical warfare. Reeling from revelations of her connection to the violent struggles to expunge Britain from Northern Ireland, she’s blocked by unseen forces from returning to the United States.  The facts of Jessica’s birth become her deepest secret. Her late mother was considered by Northern Ir. . .

Charylar Press - 2017-09-01