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Nancy has had four short stories published. “Count To Ten, is the latest and is included in the 2011 Level Best Books anthology, Dead Calm. It won an honorable mention in the Al Blanchard Award contest. "Count To Ten" will be republished in an anthology of baseball fiction in the January/February timeframe.

In addition, Nancy is working on her first novel, a paranormal mystery set in Salem, Massachusetts and featuring a modern-day Salem witch who uses her ability to walk into the dreams of others to catch a killer.


Best New England Crime Stories 2012: Dead Calm - “… the most original New England crime stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.” ~ Brenda Scott, Manchester Contemporary Literature Examiner, ~ “…each story in this collection is guaranteed to make readers smile by its sheer cleverness alone.” Christine Zibas. New England’s most acclaimed, awar. . .

Level Best Books - 2011-11-11