Judith Copek

An information systems nerd for twenty years, Judith is a survivor of  the Millennium bug, Dilbert-like reengineering projects and 3:00 a.m. computer program crashes.  In her writing, she likes to put a literary spin on technology. 
Judith's latest novel is Festival Madness, a book of technology, Burning Man, murder and a morally conflicted sleuth. It's available on your kindle and in print from Amazon.
A romantic suspense novel, World of Mirrors, published by Wings ePress, is set in East Germany the summer after the Berlin Wall came down. Word of Mirrors is available as a trade paperback or in various e-book formats.
Judith's first novel, The Shadow Warriors, featuring cyber-sleuth Emma Lee Davis,is available as a trade paperback or for your Kindle and other e-readers.
In 2015, Judith will have short stories published in the Guppy Anthology, Fish or Cut Bait, and in Coast to Coast: a killer collection of Crime Fiction published by Down and Out Press.
Currently, Judith is writing an historical novel set in 1928 Southern California. An active member of the Mystery Writers of America, Judith is also a Toastmaster and a member of New England PEN.

Find out more about Judith and her writing by visiting her website at www.judycopek.com.


The Shadow Warriors - Emma Lee Davis must delve deep into the past to find a weapon to end the Infowar that threatens to de-stabilize a computer-dependent global economy.  Project manager of a  tiny firm of cyber-sleuths, Emma scrambles to make the connections between a body washing up on a beach in Singapore, and the technical derring-do at a German university.She tracks a desperate hacker planning a unique . . .

Grape Shot Press - 2003-11-30

Quarry: Crime Stories by New England Writers - Quarry is New England with ice storms, ice out, superettes and gun shows. Quarry is gritty streets and rutted roads, criminal ingenuity and personal integrity, madness and motherhood.Contains the Agatha, Anthony and Macavity Award winning short story “On the House” by Hank Phillippi Ryan.With twenty-one stories by some of New England's top crime writers including Glenda Baker, Norma Bu. . .

Level Best Books - 2009-11-01

World of Mirrors - A glamorous high-tech consultant has agreed to retrieve state-of-the art software in East Germany with a colleague and ex-lover who keeps her in the dark. As she navigates a landscape of sociopaths and unrehabilitated Stasi, Zara realizes she's in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong man and no exit strategy

Wings ePress - 2012-06-12