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I am an art school graduate (Montserrat College of Art) and a graduate of Bennington College's MFA graduate writing program. I have 3 books in the Granite Cove Mysteries: A Nose for Hanky Panky, A Deadly Christmas Carol and the latest (6/16) Laugh 'til You Die. I illustrated the covers to all three books. I've also written a humor column for many years for the Salem News. I guess I'm a "hybrid" author, originally published traditionally and now that the copyright is mine, published under my own imprint, Neptune Rising Press.


A NOSE FOR HANKY PANKY -  It's Midnight in Granite Cove; only the sea clams are open. Murder creates havoc in this sleepy fishing village, and Rose McNichols, reporter for the Granite Cove Gazette, is drawn into the case. Who killed Vivian Klinger, Ph.D, a woman too perfect for mere mortals, a woman who had everything but a sense of humor?

Mainly Murder Press - 2010-09-15

The Legend of Judgment Rock and other Mystery Stories -  A great blend of mystery, murder and ghostliness with picturesque landscape of New England coast. This is the first time all stories have appeared together. Several have been published before, including "Bluefish Weather" (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine), "A Marriage Made in Heaven" (Over My Dead Body), "The Ghost of Winthrop Hall" (Atriad Press) and others. . .

Neptune Rising Press - 2013-02-10